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Introduction to works of Literary Fiction in tandem with Philosophical and Political Essays and Literary Critiques plus two Experimental One Act Plays, representing Anthony Steyning's most recent Literary Eruption. Add Selected Poems, a diary of Random Notes and you've entered an international writer's online 'Kitchen' and critical 'Non-Fiction Lab'                                 


  GGGGo softly! Writing in progress!


Mr Steyning,


My name is Rose McClelland and I have started a new review blog for e-books.

I wanted to let you know I recently had the pleasure of reading "A Kiss by the Clowns" and have posted a review.  If you're interested, please stop by and check us out. 

I immensely enjoyed your novel and was incredibly impressed with your writing. 

 Thank you so much for such a wonderful novel.




Rose McClelland

The Unbound Underground

Santa Fé,  New Mexico


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